Airport musings…

This fall is pretty intense in terms of traveling. I always try to keep my schedule under control, but sometimes, it’s just impossible and you end up realizing that you’ll be touring the world up and down, in and out, east to west non stop for couple months.. I’m now again at the airport lounge in Paris, ready to fly to Tokyo and I’m trying to have a clear view of the last month and what’s next. So many emotions are now flowing through my body and brain, a bit of vertigo here. Since I left home on September 11th I was home two times and the longest one was less than 24hours. I was in Texas, in Quebec, then Oregon, Danemark, Lebanon and now Japan again (I was there just a month ago).. and it looks like exactly the same kind of craziness and intensity up until Christmas. Experiencing that makes me feel grateful and at the same time really confident in my decision of keeping a careful eye on scheduling and territories! The most challenging part being all this time zone changes. That being said, this fall 2018 will stay with me for a very long time, so many great musical moments, challenges, different programs, discovery, fun, emotions, unexpected… this is a wonderful life! So… Tokyo, be ready; here I come!

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