Japan I love you

Two days and a half in Japan, all together probably 10 hours of sleep, no time for jetlag, only time to be tired but stay focused in and with the music.

What a pleasure playing Ravel G major concerto with Kazushi Ono and Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. I think we sounded “French”:) I love the colors of the orchestra, the players are engaged and it’s just great to feel where their music director brings them during the concert.

I personally enjoy most of all playing the second mouvement; I have always seen it as an intimate promenade in my own secret garden; and today the flowers had a special delicate and tender smell.

Meeting the audience after the concert is also a part of the Japanese experience; it’s incredible to see how faithful is the Japanese audience; I see faces that I have seen at almost all my signing since 15 years, that’s extraordinary!

Now is time for a last wonderful meal here in Tokyo before flying with the redeye back to Paris.

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