This was my first concert part of the Chamber Music Society family

And I had a blast!

I feel very lucky that my first week with CMS gave me the opportunity to meet absolutely first class players. I joined the Windstorm program for two big pieces and this week ended up with two very enjoyable concerts! Thank you Adam Walker, Stephen Taylor, David Shifrin, Marc Goldberg and David Jolley for such high quality music making; and for so many laughters. We all gave our best and played every single notes with our heart. I want to believe we created a very -respectable- Thuille Sextet; and the Mozart Piano Winds Quintet was a pure joy.

On top of that, playing in Alice Tully Hall in my beloved city of New York for the very special NY crowd is always exhilarating; and I was honored to do my debut at SUNY Purchase the following day.

Last but not least, the Negroni fountain at the reception following Alice Tully was absolutely enjoyable!

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