I was not expecting this Serenade to come back into my life, but it just happened during my flight. I don’t know how nor why but Ständchen didn’t leave me for almost 8 hours.

I have loved (and played) this piece for so long now. There is lots of beauty and magic in it. This music means a whole lot to me, bringing automatically so many vibrations, thoughts, faces, emotions …

I haven’t had experienced something that powerful in quite some times, and it’s not an easy task to receive it.

Here is to accepting Its warm and tight embrace.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”

Herman Hesse.

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    It is wonderful to get updates on your life via these emails. Staendchen stirs me deeply as well. I am looking forward to any and all East Coast concerts, if they are planned. I enjoyed your cooperation with Jan Vogler and Mira Wang in past years at the NY Yacht Club and I certainly hope for a NY City appearance soon!!
    You are wonderful. Be well!
    Jaap van Heerden (Amherst, MA)

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