New year goals ?

When I think about it, I feel very warm realizing I just want my life to keep bringing me beauty and emotions (from the brightest to the darkest), and it’s how it has been for the last couple years. Wait, I don’t say here my life is perfect and easy; I’m not living in a fairytale. Not at all. It took and takes a lot of work, different types of work, investments and engagements; and endless hours. But music and the path I chose give me so much, I am simply grateful. I started pretty early on to “work on myself” and growing as a human being has been the main reason why my music and artistry grew. I believe it’s fondamental to remember that music is an art that needs to be fed, always. Art needs to be alive. Here is a beautiful video, full of hope, strength and well-being

“It is strange how one feels drawn forward without knowing at first where one is going.”

Gustave Mahler

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