When art is a powerful tool

to make a “political” statement.

I was in Abu Dhabi for the first time couple days ago and had the privilege to go to the Louvre Abu Dhabi . First, I was astonished by the beauty of the building, the lines, the proportions, the rhythm are perfect. Then I started the journey through the permanent collection. It is presented in a very smart and beautiful way: from the beginning of civilization, twelve rooms with a theme, always showing three different approaches from different parts of the world. One room is dedicated to the religions and one can see in the same space the Bible, the Coran and the Torah. Wao, that was such an intense and inspiring experience.

I came to Abu Dhabi to perform my recital “Shall we dance?” and the first window I saw was about Dance.

This visit gave me so much to feel and to think about. I’m grateful and happy to have been welcomed with such warmth and kindness. Merci.

Wisdom begins in wonder.”


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