The King

The one and only Emperor. Round 4 of my residency in Iena was Beethoven 5, with Jenaer Philharmonie and Simon Gaudenz.

It is a very difficult task to describe the feeling of joy that wins the hearts playing this music. Beethoven has been one of my heroes in my musical life, but also as a human being. He inspires me -despite all the struggles and illness he suffered, and the sense that fate was against him, he never lost his love of life. Beethoven stands for the love of mankind. When I play his music, I feel very deeply his absolute trust and faith in humanity and brotherhood, and his deep awareness of the beauty of human beings. Thank you, Iena, one more time; always such a treat to share these moments together, and with an always sold out Volkhaus.

Courage is grace under pressure.

Ernest Hemingway

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  1. Having seen you in Philadelphia and been wowed by your performance and now reading your blogs I understand that what you bring to your craft is a deeper understanding of the soul of the composers and pieces you perform. Thank you for sharing your talent and insights. Many more years of success!

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