The last concert of this strange year took place in Beirut, Lebanon. It was not my first visit to Beirut, and I had been strongly impressed by the people. Genuinely kind, enthusiastic and truly passionate. Not only about music, but about life.

Specially during these days: five months after the terrible explosion, under Covid 19, and during a huge financial crises; it is a country who is living through pain. But it is an incredible experience to still feel the strength and the persistant beauty of the city and its people. I was deeply moved. It is a city of dust and ghostly beauty.

The concert was also a magical moment. The church was as full as it could (400 people due to the pandemic), and I can’t describe what it created in me to play in front of an audience higher than 200. My heart was beating fast, and my emotion unexpectedly powerful.

I played my recital When do we dance ? (that’s going to be released next May), and this program was the perfect musical journey I wanted to bring joy to the hearts.

Thank you Beirut, thank you François, thank you Micheline, thank you Toufic, Thank you Beirut Chants. I know you all have fought and keep fighting to survive, and, still bring culture and emotions. Live performances is irreplaceable. Thank you for having understood that.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

Ernest Hemingway

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