When art is a powerful tool

to make a “political” statement.

I was in Abu Dhabi for the first time couple days ago and had the privilege to go to the Louvre Abu Dhabi . First, I was astonished by the beauty of the building, the lines, the proportions, the rhythm are perfect. Then I started the journey through the permanent collection. It is presented in a very smart and beautiful way: from the beginning of civilization, twelve rooms with a theme, always showing three different approaches from different parts of the world. One room is dedicated to the religions and one can see in the same space the Bible, the Coran and the Torah. Wao, that was such an intense and inspiring experience.

I came to Abu Dhabi to perform my recital “Shall we dance?” and the first window I saw was about Dance.

This visit gave me so much to feel and to think about. I’m grateful and happy to have been welcomed with such warmth and kindness. Merci.

Wisdom begins in wonder.”


Happy Birthday Jacqueline Du Pré

You would have been 75 today. I wish so much you were still here. I’m now again listening to your sublime Dvorak concerto.

The perfect combination between heart, soul, mind and body; that’s how I see you, that’s how I hear you. Your fabulous joie de vivre always came through. There is shyness and boldness in you; you are such an inspiration.

Thank you.

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.


Playing lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place.”

Jacqueline Du Pré


For such a beautiful evening at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari. Playing in this beautiful sold out theater was a joy, I felt the audience intensely immersed with the music and me. The acoustic allowed me to explore the softest pianissimi, and I adore that ! And of course, Italy wouldn’t be Italy without pasta:)

“What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible.”

Umberto Eco

Just because this is too good

Charlie Chaplin has been an I aspiration since I discovered him when I was about 10. Everything has been said about him, so, I won’t go there. I will just say I can’t help smiling of joy in front of such intelligence and wits. This is one of my many favorite. Please enjoy!

“Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish. The trouble is you won’t fight. You’ve given up. But there is something just as inevitable as death. And that’s life. Think of the power of the Universe – turning the Earth, growing the trees. That’s the same power within you- if you’ll only have the courage and the will to use it.”

Charlie Chaplin

Qatari days

What an honor to open this “année de la France au Qatar”, France year in Qatar. It was a real pleasure to be back to Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for the third time. This is a fascinating country. I came here for the first time around 10 years ago, and I have seen the country grow on all fronts. One other beautiful and powerful thing about being a musician: over 30 nationalities on stage, probably as many in the hall; and somehow we could communicate through the music and share emotions. And funnily enough, I met a French musician on stage: we had a lot of fun with Marc Piollet working on this beautiful Saint Saens second piano Concerto. Thank you Kurt for your constant trust since all these years. Lionel, it was such a joy to reconnect after all these years, and you truly are a great leader! I can not wait to go back!

“Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny.”

Albert Camus

New year goals ?

When I think about it, I feel very warm realizing I just want my life to keep bringing me beauty and emotions (from the brightest to the darkest), and it’s how it has been for the last couple years. Wait, I don’t say here my life is perfect and easy; I’m not living in a fairytale. Not at all. It took and takes a lot of work, different types of work, investments and engagements; and endless hours. But music and the path I chose give me so much, I am simply grateful. I started pretty early on to “work on myself” and growing as a human being has been the main reason why my music and artistry grew. I believe it’s fondamental to remember that music is an art that needs to be fed, always. Art needs to be alive. Here is a beautiful video, full of hope, strength and well-being

“It is strange how one feels drawn forward without knowing at first where one is going.”

Gustave Mahler

2020 is calling

And I want to wish all of you a new year, and the beginning of a new decade, full of smiles, fulfilling projects, wonders, laughs, light, excitement and well being. It’s apparently kind of a new tradition to say what the year about to finish brought. It’s quite impossible for me as this year as been the fullest, and most challenging one. A very important one in my personal growth. And, to make me smile, this year is surprising me up until the very last minutes of it. I would just say 2019 was time to be strong & resilient, 2020 will be time to bliss out & be whole.


“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Poetry, slowness and emotions

This video totally captured me. As a musician, I can’t help talking about the power of this music; C major does look peaceful. The choreography & dancers totally match in this breathtaking moment of absolute poetry. The dancers are emotions, flesh, love, beauty, struggles, dreams…

All emotions are pure which gather you and lift you up; that emotion is impure which seizes only one side of your being and so distorts you.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

On this day, offer yourself few minutes of alone and quiet time to experience and feel this music full of Absolute and Beauty.

Here are Messiaen’s words about it” Jesus in considered here as the Word. A broad phrase, infinitely slow, on the cello, magnifies with love and reverence the eternity of the Word, powerful and reverent, whose time never runs out. Majestically, the melody stretches into a kind of supreme and gentle distance.”

With it, I’d like to share a Chagall’s stain glass I do love.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of Love.”

Marc Chagall