Lise’s ears: video evaluations

Lise’s ears: video evaluations

I have been lucky enough to give masterclasses all over the world through the course of the last years, and always enjoyed it immensely. Yet, one major difficulties being a touring artist is finding a location with both the student and I on the same site. This in itself has proved to be quite a challenge!
One solution appeared to be ideal: video evaluations on demand.

This is the perfect setting for both the student and I. Indeed, there is no schedule, time zone, nor location issues. I usually receive up to 12 minutes long videos of the student playing a piece, and then it takes me around one hour to do the video evaluation and record it. My approach is always kind, and gentle; while trying to give you a new pair of ears, keys to open new doors and of course, my perspective as a concert pianist being on stage.
In addition, thanks to the video, you will be able to go back to my comments while practicing, as many times as you need!

These evaluations are a great source of joy for me, and I hope it will be for you too!

If you are interested, please reach me at :